The Upside of Self Publishing (Part 3)

Alrighty then, for anyone who has read and no doubt thoroughly enjoyed my previous two posts on the upside of self pulishing, this post is dedicated to answering the third question from part 1, what are my short/long term aspirations?

This is a super important question to ask yourself and be able to answer honestly and articulately, because the answer to this question might be the very thing that drives you, might pick you up when things seem tough and might make or break your entire publishing career. It could be the thing that determines whether you're a flash in the pan or a revered author/illustrator/publisher.

To give you some insight into how this question helped me decide whether self publishing was right for me I'll give you some personal thoughts on the matter. Firstly my short term aspirations were to finish Chocolate Dreams and just get it out there! Secondly my long term goals were modest, to sell a million plus copies, have kids from all over the world wearing Chocolate Dreams pyjamas, whilst cuddling their Chocolate Dreams soft toys, whilst mum and dad read Chocolate Dreams to them before bed, right after they've enjoyed a hot chocolate from their Chocolate Dreams mug. HA!!!! No seriously, why have small dreams when you can have enormous ones..

But then the question arose, how the heck was I going to achieve all that without a name or any experience at all in the industry? Well good question, but I decided that my short term aspirations held the key to my success. You see, by self publishing Chocolate Dreams I was able to just get it out there, no delays, no ifs, buts or maybes. This meant that I was in control of the books destiny, the success or failure of the book was solely on me, no one else to thank but more importantly no one else to blame if things went wrong and that excited me. Also I knew that by self publishing I was also going to be in control of sales and distribution and this was going to hold the key for my long term aspirations :) See, it is of my opinion that longevity is based on loyal followers and repeat business, and by self publishing and having meaningful interactions with the very people who are  buying your book, then you're creating something greater than a sale, you're creating a fan and if you create enough fans, you then have a following and that's worth it's weight in gold for any author.