The Upside of Self Publishing (Part 2)

In part one I talked about I wanted to achieve from publishing a book and why I chose to self publish. In this post I'm going to talk about the most important things were for me in the publishing process.

Well it goes without saying but I'm a bit of a control freak so one of the things that frightened me about the thought of publishing Chocolate Dreams traditionally was the thought of losing control of the creative process. It's something that is well known about the traditional publishing method, you hand in your manuscript and they take care of the rest. The problem with that is, if you're someone like me who has a fundamental vision for the overall look and feel of their work, then you're not going to deal well with illustrators, designers and editors telling you how they think your work should look. My feelings on the matter were that if the industry is crying out for new, original talent and work, then why hand over my book to the same people who designed all the others?

Ultimately I understood that some of the creative decisions required to make my chocolate book look and feel it's most chocolatey were not going to fly with a traditional publishing house and the most important thing for my book was that people weren't just reading it they were feeling it and that required complete synergy between all the elements that make a picture book what it is.

Of course this applies to picture books more so than others and although having full creative control make you feel empowered, beware, every decision you make in the editing and design phase of your project are crucial to your books success.