November Firsts

Hello Chocolate Dreamers!

November was a wonderful month full of firsts. Our very first market appearance for the Prahran Creators Market on Nov 21st was a hit, with people from all walks of life walking in and being swept up in the magic of Chocolate Dreams book.

From former mayors to entire families and fellow stall holders and a lovely Prep Teacher named Emma who purchased a copy of the book to read to her students and inspired them to create an incredibly imaginative collection of Chocolate Dreams fan art. I was extremely grateful for the love and blown away by their talent :)

My very first kindergarten reading at Clifton Street Children’s Centre on November 23rd was a hoot. The kids were so much fun to read to. It was humbling to be sitting there reading the book to such incredibly attentive young minds who have so much energy and imagination, thinking ‘wow’ I’m actually reading to the future.

So many unforgettable firsts and no doubt more of the same in December, which is fully booked :) Chocolate Dreams is making an impact and it feels great!