Chocolate New Year

I just wrote a whole great big post, but safari and squaresapce aren’t getting along at the moment so it crashed and now you’re going to get a less inspired sounding one haha.

In short, I expected January to be quiet and it was. It was difficult to be in a position where I felt like I was just starting to build momentum at the end of 2015 and have the post Christmas period slow everything down again.

But amazingly the children’s book buyer for Readings in St Kilda took one look at Chocolate Dreams and said ‘hell yeah’ so only four days into the new year I had officially secured our third stockist. Knowing deep down you’re not the greatest marketer or salesman in the world, it was nice to see the book you knew would sell itself doing just that.

The rest of January? Well somewhere between being a dreamer and setting realistic goals. Those two guys don’t like each other very much. In the mean time. I still love you all, thank you for keeping up your support and stay tune for more!