Book Week 2016

Well Book Week 2016 was a huge success for Chocolate Dreams!

There were a bunch of fun readings, children were engaged, imaginations were working overtime, teachers were delighted to see pupils enjoying the chocolate dreams experience and personally I did a tremendous amount of learning.

It was truly wonderful to see the Junior Chocotier Program get such a great response and more specifically, it was great to see the children from St Brendans take to my workshop "Baking A Chocolate Book' with such enthusiasm and to hear that even now two weeks later the children are  still taking about my visit.

For me Book Week was an opportunity to do what I do best, inspire imaginations. Nervous as I may have been, after my visits my heart was humping with a rush of adrenaline and I was on a high from the interactions I had with so many incredible, intelligent, considerate, well mannered and open minded young people. Book Week affirmed to me how important it is for our youth to experience as much as possible and have a diverse range of role models during their early years because we all learn so differently and the earlier we are introduced to teachers and role models that strike a cord with us, the earlier we develop our confidence to engage and discover our own interests.

Final word. I can't wait to improve and learn more and I can't wait to continue the journey of inspiring our young minds so watch this space, the wheels are in motion!

Courtesy of Kingston Family & Children's Centres :)

Courtesy of Kingston Family & Children's Centres :)