One Year On

Hi everyone! I guess this post is a touch delayed, but for a good reason. See Chocolate Dreams is opening up a world of opportunities for this young author and like a kid in a chocolate shop I don't quite know where to go first.

But let's rewind a little so I can bring you up to speed. About a year ago I launched the book which I'd put a lot of thought and effort into creating over what was ultimately a five year period. Almost immediately after the launch I was thinking to myself what now? Well I'll tell you what, I still had about 800 books left in especially marked boxes, boasting yours truly as the publisher and it was right about then when I realised that the five years of work I put into refining my creative, chocolate loving skills were nothing compared to the challenge I now faced in making that whole experience worth while.

I accidentally started a business (well I don't know, you just publish a book one day and suddenly you're selling it). And although I've always been known as a hard worker, a smart guy, a creative thinker,  I never, ever had experience running a (successful) business let alone in the publishing industry.

One year on I'm getting there, the boxes have reduced in number and I've discovered a few things. 1 people really, actually, genuinely Chocolate Dreams, it's not just something the tell me to be nice, i think haha. 2 if you put yourself in a position to be seen, heard, talked about, admired, more often than not people will come and they'll be doing just that. 3 your success depends on your ability to transform. If you can't change from the lead role as the artist to the lead role as an entrepreneur then you can kiss the last five years goodbye. 4 you're not going to be the best at everything but you can get pretty darn good if you put your mind to it.

Exciting times are ahead as Chocolate Dreams evolves into education based programs and hopefully more books. I owe so many people, so many thank you's for all your support. But I also ask that you hang in there with me a little longer, it's not easy doing all this on my own but I'm determined to make the next twelve months a giant leap for man kind lol.