Starting From Scratch

So where were we? Oh yeah, I had an idea, I experimented a little, then a little more before I realised that I had no idea what I was doing.. But I still had the idea, I just had to start over.

By now it's about May 2013 and when I say start over, I literally mean scrapping all the work I'd done (well almost all of it) and starting from scratch. You're starting to think I'm crazy aren't you? All I have to say is, what took you so long? Haha no but really, I don't know how to give up or how to stop trying, so the only logical step to take when I looked at the body of work and saw inconsistency and lack of direction, was to begin again.

This time I had a plan, I knew I had to start from the ground up and the ground was my drawing style. I realised that my drawing style is the single most important part of my illustrations and the foundations for everything else. So I sat down, wiped the desk clean and taught myself how to draw again. If I wanted a mouse, I'd draw 500 mice and if I hadn't drawn one I liked I'd keep drawing until I did. This process was repeated for every character the book.

500 mice