The Original Chocolate Dreams Poem - March 2010

Chocolate Dreams

by Luis Diaz

Every night I have chocolate dreams

Of chocolate rivers and chocolate streams

Of chocolate cows that make chocolate milk

And of chocolate worms that spin chocolate silk

Of chocolate farms with big chocolate pigs

And a chocolate navy fighting chocolate squids

Of chocolate spiders and of chocolate flies

And a book full of chocolate lullabies

But there's more dreams I've dreamed of a chocolaty theme and of things we could take to the chocolate extreme.

Like a planet inhabited by chocolate ants,

And a place where the people wear chocolate pants.

There's a chocolate house made of chocolate bricks,

A magician with chocolate magic tricks,

Of a palace resort with a chocolate golf course,

And a chocolate horse of course of course.

There’s a chocolate horn that makes chocolate sounds,

And a park with a chocolate merry-go-round.

And just as I searched for more chocolate dreams, along came a snowman eating chocolate ice cream.

Well now over-indulgence Is not what I preach, but imagine a world with a chocolate beach.

Of course a world made of chocolate would be quite sweet, but if the whole world was chocolate then what would we eat?

Chocolate pies topped with Chocolate sauce? Or a chocolate banquet with only one course?

Yes the possibilities are endless and huge, but what is it exactly that my Chocolate dreams do?

They make life that much sweeter for me and for you, that’s what they do!

The End